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About Evaporation King

Evaporation King LLC is a U.S. Florida and Colorado based designer, manufacturer, and global distributor of a proprietary line of evaporation equipment for the Mining, Energy, Food & Beverage, Bio & Pharma, Textile, and Waste Management industries. EK produces various models for high and lower-volume applications and distributes them through an international network of independent dealers, strategic partners, and distributors.

Kevin King Family



Kevin King - President

Kevin King is a highly accomplished professional who graduated from Western Governors University. With a diverse background, Kevin began his career in law enforcement, showcasing his dedication to public service and maintaining law and order. Seeking new challenges, he transitioned into heavy equipment sales, where he honed his skills in negotiation and customer relations.

In 2009, Kevin found his true passion in the water evaporation industry, working for several reputable companies. His expertise and innovative approach to water evaporation quickly propelled him to become a recognized leader in the field. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge and experience, Kevin took the bold step of establishing Evaporation King, a company that has since become an industry leader.

Under Kevin's visionary leadership, Evaporation King has revolutionized the water evaporation sector, providing cutting-edge solutions and unmatched customer service. With a commitment to excellence, Kevin continues to drive the company's growth and success, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry.

Kevin's unwavering dedication, combined with his vast experience and entrepreneurial spirit, has solidified his reputation as a respected professional in the water evaporation field. His relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to delivering exceptional results have earned him the trust and admiration of both clients and industry peers alike.

Cory Peltzer Head Shot final

Cory Peltzer - Chief Technology Officer

Cory Peltzer is a seasoned Mechanical Engineer whose experience spans across various industries including aviation, marine, and automotive. With his deep understanding of mechanical concepts and a passion for creating solutions, Cory has established a reputation for his resourcefulness and technical expertise.

Graduating from the University of Wisconsin Madison, where he obtained his degree in mechanical engineering. Over the years, Cory has gained valuable experience as an experimental test pilot, design engineer of offshore powerboats, technical sales within the automotive sector, and large-scale CNC fabricator.

Apart from his work in these industries, Cory has a knack for custom fabrication, innovative thinking, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to quality. He is known for his ability to tackle challenging mechanical problems with creativity and expertise, delivering practical and efficient solutions. Cory Peltzer is not just an engineer; he is a visionary who continues to push the boundaries of mechanical engineering. His diverse experience and innovative approach make him an asset to any organization.



Mackenzie Gunkel - Executive Assistant

Mackenzie Gunkel graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Special Education. She has taught various grade levels throughout her years in teaching. Her journey has been a dynamic one, shaped by collegiate athletics, education, and motherhood. 

Mackenzie is a dedicated professional with a passion for making things run smoothly. As a former teacher, she has honed her skills in organization, communication, and attention to detail and will now bring those qualities into the business world.